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Why and Where We Need to Change

London 2020

Project Notes

Project Type:
Design Research

October 2020
October 2021

Project Tags:
2021, Urban, Research, Data Vis, Mapping, Climate Change, Pollution, AR, London

Why and Where We Need to Change is an augmented data visualisation that quantifies, and makes visually tangible, ongoing development and environmental stresses in London. The visualisation makes use of open data to display a combination of pressing social factors, environmental stresses and climate threats, ultimately showing how they correlate and cascade; demonstrating that climate justice is social justice for many of London’s deprived and impacted communities.

Through the use of social media augmented reality filters, this allows viewers (Londoners) to investigate their local and familiar context through new perspectives; hopefully raising questions about urban development practices and its consequential effects. Please scan QR code to see AR features.


Royal Academy, Summer Show 2020
Why and Where We Need to Change, London 2020
Giclee print, Edition of 10 (all sold)
Dimensions 63 x 84 x 4 cm
Royal Academy Gallery VI

Receiving coverage in Architects Journal & RIBA Journal

Projections Volume 16 Journal of the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning – Honourable mention for best visualisations.
The editorial team deeply appreciated the integration of multiple spatial datasets and the creative use of interactive mediums that made the visualization tangible using AR filters.

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