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UNDP Regional Innovation Centre

Planning for Climate Uncertainty

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UNDP’s Regional Innovation Centre, Asia-Pacific Region

April 2020

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What can data and design innovation do for SIDS?

“In this session Ben and Oscar, the cofounders of 4D Island, an independent research and design collective based in the Maldives, will walk us through their latest work and share tools and approaches that go beyond traditional planning to include not only 3D planning (design with space) but also design with time (4D). They are working with local communities to develop what they call “a toolkit of suggestive design moves to aid decision making in design at local and national scales.

Although the initiative is relatively new, it is engaging with a mix of top down and bottom up approaches through policy, data, modeling, simulation and more importantly, community and collaborative design practices. This virtual session will cover the discoveries that have come along the way: from outreach, ambitions, lessons learnt and collaborations going forward. The archipelago of the Maldives averages 1.5 m above sea level making it the lowest country in the world. Such a unique context calls for a different, “fluid” approach to design and planning in the face of rising climate uncertainty.”

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