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The Entropy of Energy

Tetrapod Hydraulic Studies

Project Notes

Project Type:
Design Research

March 2019

Project Tags:
2018, Research, Design, Simulation

Coastline are naturally in a state of geomorphological flux through water, wind and sediment movements. Coastal defences artificially stabilise this condition, reinforcing a manufactured and unnatural, binary between land and ocean. Through their engineered and irregular interlocking concrete form, tetrapod’s act as mediating agents absorbing and dissipating these energies. Resulting in the erosion of the tetrapod and temporary stabilisation or reduction of erosion to the territories behind them.

This computational fluid dynamic simulation visually explores the entropy of wave energy on such a coastal structure, tracing water movement over the sold forms and mapping the mechanically transferred energy through hydraulic action and pressure on the tetrapod’s surface.

Monsoon [+ Other] Grounds Symposium & Exhibition
March 2019

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