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Design Studio 18: 2021

Carbon Transitions, United Kingdom

Project Notes

MArch Architecture Studio @
University of Westminster, School of Architecture + Cities.
John Cook, Ben Pollock & Laura Nica

June 2021

Sub Notes:
Below is snapshot of work in progress throuhg out the year. Full projects and work can be seen viewed at: link

Photo Credits: Laura Nica
Design work: Various Students

Project Tags:
2021, Research, Teaching, Design, Education, Workshops

Air, Architecture + Other Climates
Continuing our exploration around air, its relationship within transforming atmospheres and our degrading climate, we narrow our focus to one of its more negligible but most critical ingredients - both the ‘building block of life’ and measure of our climatic decline; carbon.

Looking at carbon as a transformative entity, tracking its pathways and transitions between states, material type, energy and values in addition to a spatial organiser, a cultural driver, and political/economic agent. As seen through the lens of:

Carbon as Fuel / Form
Carbon as Toxin / Air
Carbon as Commodity / Economy

Students projects wear guided by a semester of design lead research to develop an architectural thesis on their chosen entities and envisioned carbon transition. Studio activities included; theory and readings, software workshops on simulation, computational design & mapping, design reviews and architectural design.

Please see studio website for sample of student work.

Full brief can be seen here

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